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Empowering teams to grow sustainably

ALPACA is a maturity evaluation tool for teams.

It is not about chasing a score or penalising teams for their maturity. It is about how teams grow together and focus on the crucial parts of their day-to-day activities.
Alpaca is helping teams to understand areas of growth, kick off conversations and smash some goals.



Assess yourself against a variety of agile ways of working and technical practices.


Get an overview as a team and understand where to focus on through the dashboards.

Reflect and plan

Deep dive into focus areas together as a team to find improvement opportunities in.
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Repeat assessments and take pulse surveys to track progress and get an overview of multiple teams at once.

Understand teams of teams

Understand common areas of improvement across multiple teams or gain timely insights into your transformation progress.
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Own your journey to become a high-performing individual and grow together with the team.

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